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Naan style roti wrap loaded with tikka skewers, fresh crunchy salad, grilled salad and fried potato balls topped with a gourmet sauce.’

Tandoori Roti Tikka
Greeny Roti Tikka
Korma Roti Tikka

Top quality basmati rice served with classic gravy, tikka and grilled vegetable skewers and a carrot & cucumber salad.

Masala Gravy & Rice Tikka
Spinach Gravy & Rice Tikka
Korma Gravy & Rice Tikka

Premium hand-crafted salad served with coin pappadum and tikka skewers.

Spiced Lentil (with walnut & feta)
Super Veg (with Thai basil & pine nuts)
Mughlai Chickpeas (with sultana & maple)

Rice pancake (Uthappam) served with a crunchy salad, coconut chutney, coriander chutney & tomato chutney.

Tandoori Taco Tikka
Greeny Taco Tikka
Korma Taco Tikka

Appetizing and delicious aromatic south Asian spiced rice served with classic gravy, tikka skewers, and sweet & spicy yoghurt dip.

Spicy Biryani & Tikka
Garden Biryani & Tikka
Kashmiri Biryani & Tikka

Buttered naan dippers served with a classic gravy bowl and tikka skewers accompanied by a carrot & cucumber salad.

Masala Gravy & Naan Tikka
Spinach Gravy & Naan Tikka
Korma Gravy & Naan Tikka

(Chicken Breast)

(Beef Tenderloin)

(Lamb Back Strap)

(Locally Grown
and Hand-Picked)

(Rennet Free)

Samosa Bites • Mexican Pappadums • 4 x Tikka Skewers • 1 Veg Skewer • Biryani Bowl • Gravy Bowl • Naan Dippers • Salad Bowl • Chocolate Jamun Tartlet

Samosa Bites • Masala Fries • 3 x Tikka Skewers • Naan Dippers • Plain Rice • Gravy • Carrot & Cucumber Salad

Fries & Soft Drink
2 Chai & Samosa Bites to Share
2 Tikka Take Pale Ale and Any Side

Cheesy naan dippers served with butter chicken gravy.

10 x premium bite size potato, herb & spice samosa served with mint coriander dip.

Fries loaded with tandoori chicken tikka skewer & mouth-watering butter chicken gravy.

10 x premium bite size lentil, onion, herb & spice samosa served with sweet chilli ginger dip.

Fried rice & lentil flour coin shaped pappadums served with a cucumber, onion, coriander, tomato salsa.

Fried gram flour batter balls rolled in spices and served with pomegranate, cucumber, onion, mint and coriander salsa.

Fried peanuts mixed with herbs & spices, served with fresh tomato, onion, coriander & lemon salsa.

Beer battered fries sprinkled with Indian herbs & spices served with sweet chilli ginger dressing.

Chicken | Lamb | Beef | Paneer | Mushroom

Tikka take original premium tikka skewer grilled with Sizzling Tandoori, Cool Greeny or Honey Korma flavour and served with mint sauce and lemon slice.

Spicy lamb sausage skewer grilled with tandoori marination and served with mint, fennel & garlic mayo.

Fried peanuts mixed with herbs & spices, served with fresh tomato, onion, coriander & lemon salsa.

Warm Indian donuts served in tartlet with hot milk chocolate – a modern version of traditional Indian dessert, gulab jamun.

A popular south Asian frozen dessert that is sinfully rich, dense, and creamy.

• Mango • Pistachio • Almond

Deep fried puff pastry stuffed with coconut, chocolate chips, nuts and drizzled with chocolate sauce, sprinkled with pistachios and served with ice cream.

Popular street shredded ice dessert with rich toppings.

• Rabadi Chocolate Gola (Milk Based)
• Tropical Gola (Water based)


Gluten free, Nut free, vegan and veg options are available. Please notify at ordering station about any dietary / allergy restriction. Please be aware that the environment we cook may contains traces of nuts, gluten, lactose & egg, although we try our best to satisfy your needs.

Plain grilled chicken/mushroom/paneer wrapped in a roti with mayo, cheese and lettuce.

Plain rice served with mild butter chicken gravy and a plain chicken skewer.

Rice pan cake served open topped with chicken/ mushroom/paneer, cheese, lettuce and mayo.

Roti wrap with Nutella, banana, strawberry, marshmallow and whipped cream.